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Everyone gets mad, and there are plenty of things that can trigger it.

Feeling used…

Feeling disrespected…

Or that %&@$ cut you off in traffic.


And what happens next?

You get mad.

Your stomach and face tighten…

Your blood boils…

And, yes… the occasional curse words come out.


While it’s natural to respond this way, getting mad isn’t always helpful.

Especially when you let out these feelings to people closest to you.


Here’s the good news…

There are proven ways to defuse anger and regain control no matter the situation you find yourself in.


Click ‘Play’ and turn up the sound for 3 simple techniques you can use to calm down when you’re mad. (They work in less than 10 seconds.)

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A powerful voice contributes to confidence and presence. By mastering your voice, you can develop a commanding and persuasive presence, helping you feel more self-assured in various situations.

Not only that… Your perfect voice will garner praise, admiration, and acknowledgment in every area of your life.

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