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It was in Nashville at the end of May 2024. I hosted a seminar dubbed Sing For The Soul. It was an experiential singing event originally designed for public speakers.

The essence of the weekend?

To illuminate how the art of singing and songwriting isn’t just a creative outlet… It’s a gateway to superior confidence in speaking, storytelling, and presenting—a truly transformative encounter.

For the lucky attendees who joined, thank you for coming along on this adventure with me. If you couldn’t make it, I want to pass along a vital insight, one I’m calling the ‘soundtrack of your life.’

Remember the Mozart Effect?

When I was a kid, there was a book and then a product being mass marketed with that title. The idea was that if you simply had Mozart music playing in the background when your kids studied, they would suddenly turn into rocket scientist brainiacs. They would do better in school, especially math, and that somehow the music would turbo-charge their brains. 

Over time, science has validated the profound impact of music on stimulating our brains, and how it positively engages multiple regions of the brain at the same time.

This is why, in my coaching, I stress the importance of enriching your speaking voice with musical elements. The more musical your speech, the deeper the emotional connections you forge. The more my students have done this, the more they’ve been able to connect and move people emotionally.

Think about the music that’s been the backdrop of your life. Initially, those choices were made for you, but as you grew, your musical tastes shaped your identity. Changed how you dress, even influenced your hairstyle (you know the one). But if you’re at a point where things aren’t aligning—if your goals seem distant, it’s time to revamp your oral playlist. The sounds you emit create the narrative of your life, and if something’s off, maybe the soundtrack needs a remix.

Realize that every word, pitch, and rhythm formulates the essence of your life’s story, much like a movie, and you’re the composer. Crafting this symphony with care can transform how others perceive and react to you.

During Sing For The Soul, I emphasized how singing masters control over Pitch, Pace, Tone, Melody, Volume, and words—And this blend tells stories that surprise and move people.

Learning to sing reshapes how you communicate. It transcends mere conversation into an enthralling musical experience that engages, influences, and educates. Choose your words with the precision of a seasoned lyricist. Weave your narratives with the finesse of a top-tier composer. Let your dialogues be as captivating as chart-topping hits.

This transformation in your communicative approach isn’t just an improvement; it’s a reinvention. Embrace this melodic journey through life, and watch as every syllable you utter draws people in, resonating deeply and creating lasting impacts. Let’s not just speak; let’s speak musically.

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