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Even in today’s technology-driven ChatGPT world, verbal communication is still a relevant and important skill to learn.

While some people may believe they don’t need to communicate primarily with their voice anymore, relying solely on email, social media, and text messages has quite a few limitations.

As humans, our ability to use our voices to connect emotionally and engage effectively with others is crucial. It’s even more essential in a professional setting where you compete with talent from all over the world.

Great speaking and communication skills can make a difference in getting a job or a promotion — it’s not just about having an impressive resume or fancy degree.

Through voice training, you can engineer the sounds that make people feel certain emotions and showcase your authentic self. When you do, you’ll find it makes you unforgettable and a valuable asset to everyone around you.

Click “play” and turn the volume up to learn more about the power of oral communication and how to use it to your advantage.

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