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Middle Voice: Unlock a Voice You Didn’t Know You Had

Today I’m going to share the secret to my professional success.

When I was young, I discovered a special voice—in addition to Chest Voice and Head Voice—that enabled me to sing up and down the range with absolutely NO cracks, strain, or breaks.

Teaching this voice to my students has enabled them to win Grammy and Academy Awards!

It’s called Middle Voice.

The most shocking part? Many vocal coaches don’t even know this voice exists!

You deserve the singing voice of your dreams. This secret voice can be the key to achieving it!


Hi, I’m Roger Love, celebrity voice coach and top-selling author. I’m working to make the world a better place, one singing voice at a time, starting with yours.

Today I’m going to share the secret to my professional success.

At the start of my singing career, I struggled with the break in my voice between the full, thick sounds of Chest Voice [demonstrates] and the angelic, feminine sounds of Head Voice [demonstrates]. Whenever I tried to go from my Chest Voice to my Head Voice in a song, I hit this crack: [demonstrates].

So I set out to find a way that I could merge these two voices seamlessly with no breaks, no gaps, just smooth, flawless transitions. That’s when I discovered Middle Voice! 

Let me demonstrate [demonstrates]. This Middle Voice has enabled my clients to win Grammys! And most singing coaches don’t even know about it!

If you want to take your singing voice beyond your wildest dreams, you can’t do it without all THREE voices—Chest, Middle, and Head!

Middle Voice is such a well-kept secret that even some of my celebrity singers hadn’t heard of it before working with me. Let me tell you a story to explain. When I first started working with Gwen Stefani, she was struggling with frequent sore throats and preparing to start a two-year-long world tour. Throughout our session, I realized she was trying to force her Chest Voice higher or throw her Head Voice lower in order to perform her songs. This is extremely taxing on the vocal cords and made it clear to me why she kept losing her voice between performances. I worked on Middle Voice exercises with Gwen and her voice immediately sounded stronger, fuller, and more powerful than before.

She told me how she had never thought of the Middle Voice as a unique section of the vocal scale and, most importantly, how much easier it was on her vocal cords. I built her a Middle Voice practice CD that she used before every performance the next two years while she was touring. When she got back from being on tour, she told me that the practice and singing with Middle Voice enabled her to go through her entire world tour without losing her voice!

I know mastering Middle Voice will improve your singing, too.

Here is a quick exercise you can do right now to start building your Middle Voice: [1-minute Middle Voice exercise]

If you want more Middle Voice practice, head to for four free training videos. We’re now enrolling new students in the Roger Love Singing Academy where you can master Middle voice, discover your unique style, get real-time instruction through my signature Love Notes karaoke program, and even get personalized feedback on your singing directly from me!

Let me make you my next star client. I’ll see you in The Academy!

If this sounds like you, a great voice can be your solution. Start your effective, fun and impactful voice coaching right now!