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Imagine mastering a single skill that forever transforms your stage presence. 

No, it’s not an ordinary speaking skill – it’s powerful, transformative and it can completely reshape your public persona and the effectiveness with which you communicate. It’s a game-changing skill that’s likely never crossed your mind.

If you have the courage to explore it, this skill can transform you from a good speaker to an unforgettable one.

It can elevate your stage presence, and make your speeches both heard and felt. Your audience will leave not just remembering what you said, they will be in awe because of how you made them feel.

I’ve gotta tell you…

This one skill can allow you to connect with your audience better than any other technique or skill I know of. Plus, it will give you unshakeable confidence (more about this shortly).

Plus, you’ll know exactly how to please your audience and give them exactly what they want dynamically… in the moment.

Now, I’ve got to warn you…

This skill is not for the faint of heart. 

It takes more than just a willingness to learn; it demands courage. Real courage.

Because it’s about being genuine, sharing your true self, and connecting with your audience on a deeply personal level… It takes REAL GUTS.

It requires you to confront your own insecurities and to be honest with yourself and your audiences. It demands a level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence that not everyone is prepared to develop.

And because you’re still reading, it means you’re probably asking yourself…

“What Is This Mysterious
Skill All About?”

I’ll tell you this: I’ve always encouraged you to stretch outside your comfort zone.

And that’s why… If you’ve got the guts and the courage to follow through…

I’ll personally teach you and 49 other people this skill at the most unusual, limit-pushing, and exciting event you’ll ever attend.

I’m calling it:
Sing for the Soul. 

Listen, before I share what this event means for you as a speaker…

Think about this: They say speaking in public is one of the greatest fears… What about singing on stage? Was that not on the survey?

Let me tell you, it takes GUTS to sing on stage, and it builds confidence like nobody’s business. If you can sing in public, speaking in public becomes a cakewalk.

And, It might interest you to know…

Singing isn’t merely about the sounds you produce, it’s more about the emotions you evoke.

When you create emotions in singing, it makes it far easier to showcase those same emotions in speaking.

You might have heard me say, “There is very little difference between speaking and singing.”

And, well, I’ve kept them separate for too many years…


Originally I made that decision so I wouldn’t scare people.

You see…

For years, even the slightest mention of singing to a student who only wanted to speak better would freak them out.

Nowadays, people are more open to unique methods as long as…

“This Unique Method
Creates Massive Results”

Singing is the secret turbocharged way to becoming an incredible speaker… Even if you believe you’re tone-deaf or are too shy to loudly sing “Happy Birthday” at parties.

In Sing for the Soul, you get the quickest path to transform yourself into an even more exceptional speaker, storyteller, and world changer…

I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone to join me at this event… To help you tap into a magical part of yourself that can only come alive through song and performance.

When and where?

May 24-25 in the only logical place to hold an event like this — In Nashville — Where you will revel in the joy of music, and soak in the energy of 49 other like-minded people.

First things first:

Before the event – Join me personally for TWO intimate, virtual 3-5 person group sessions to unlock the next chapter of your confidence, singing, and speaking.

You get personal attention as you refine your voice, choose your Karaoke Song and sing a couple of lines with Roger for feedback, discover your part in the Sing for the Soul choir (more about this in a moment), and prepare for the exhilarating event in Nashville.

And, of course…

The heartbeat of Sing for the Soul is our online community where you can connect, engage, and thrive. Stay informed with program updates, seek support from our dedicated Team Voiceplace, and forge bonds with fellow participants. Whether you’re sharing milestones or seeking advice, this is your space to shine.

It might also interest you to know…

You get a dedicated Success Director. Her name is Amy Jo. With her by your side, you’ll get personalized support every step of the way. From overcoming obstacles to reaching your goals, Amy Jo is your guardian angel, ensuring you succeed beyond measure.

By now you might be wondering…

“Am I Going to Be
Singing in Nashville?”

The short answer: Yes, you are.

You will be singing in a fun twist on karaoke at Nashville’s only Live Piano Karaoke bar – Sid Gold’s Request Room. Embrace your inner star feeling the rhythm of Nashville LIVE on stage. You will be accompanied by a live pianist as you sing your favorite songs in the city where Elvis Presley recorded more than 200 songs.

And… I get it…

If you need a dose of liquid courage — Sid’s has you covered. They’re known for their delicious hand-crafted cocktails like the Hemingway Daiquiri and the refreshing Strawberry Fields. All are included with the event.

Enjoy a delicious dinner during the event with a menu created especially for you by Nashville’s own Chef Adam Barnes and his Southern Spoon team. Chef Barnes’ take on elevated southern food will have you coming back for a second helping.

Not only that…

“I Want a Photo With You”

That’s why I asked my team to arrange a time for us to get a photo together. We’ll upload it to Photo Bucket so you can get the photo of you and me, plus all of the other event photos.

Of course, you can take photos with your phone or camera, too.

This event is sure to mark a milestone in your career… a turning point.

In fact…

There are about a dozen more reasons to accept my invitation… the least of which is you will get out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries in a safe environment, and learn the biggest skill to make you a better speaker.

If you’re nodding your head thinking…

“I’m Coming!”

There’s only space for 49 other people besides you and a number of tickets have already been claimed. That’s why I encourage you to reserve your spot immediately and meet me down in Nashville.

When would be a good time to talk about coming?

I don’t want you thinking later about how you missed the chance of a lifetime to learn to sing in Nashville — Where the music never stops.

Schedule a call with Amy Jo using the link below right now while it’s fresh on your mind. When you talk with Amy Jo, there is no obligation. It’s the fastest way to get all your questions answered and claim your ticket to Sing for the Soul.

Click Here right now to schedule to lock in Early Bird Pricing, and be sure to ask about special group rates if you want to invite your network to come, too >>

I look forward to seeing you… in Nashville.

And by the way…

As this event fills up, you can look forward to Sing for the Soul’s venue: Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, a jewel in Nashville’s hospitality crown.

Why did we select this venue? To amplify the Sing for the Soul experience.

Just like Nashville itself, the Opryland Resort embraces creativity and offers a diverse range of experiences – from the city’s premier aquatic attraction, SoundWaves, to award-winning restaurants, bars, and the world-class Relâche Spa.

The Opryland Resort ensures that Sing for the Soul unfolds in an environment as grand and harmonious as the music that defines Nashville.

Here’s why…

Whether exploring the city’s cultural landmarks or retreating to the resort’s exquisite spaces, you will find yourself immersed in a unique and unforgettable “Sing for the Soul in Nashville” experience.

IMPORTANT: Don’t file this away for later. While it’s fresh in your mind, Click here and set a time to touch base with Amy Jo.

REMEMBER: Be sure to ask about special group rates if you want to invite your network to come, too.

Oh… I Almost Forgot…

A West London research study revealed singing in a group increases positive emotional mood changes, allows people to express themselves better, and creates greater social networking, making people feel less isolated and more connected to others.

One of the most heartwarming discoveries in the study was the powerful social bonds formed through singing.

That’s why…

As a part of the lesson on how to harmonize your voice with others, you’ll get out of your comfort zone as a member of the Choir of Love.

Singing opens up a new world of possibilities, and I want you to experience that magic together with me in person at Sing for the Soul.


The Choir of Love starts far before we meet in Nashville.

When does it start? With your small group sessions with you and up to 4 other people (and me as your coach) already starting… The sooner you confirm your spot, the sooner you can get started, too.

That’s why it’s important to get in a Nashville state of mind and schedule your call with Amy Jo using the link below right now while you’re holding this letter in your hands.

Of course, there is no obligation to have a conversation. Yet, it’s the fastest way to get all your questions answered and claim your ticket to Sing for the Soul. [Click Here >>]