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How to Get a Rock Singing Voice

What do rock singers need to know about voice coaching? Watch this video now to listen as I dispel myths, provide informative content for rockers.

Then, follow along with Roger’s exercise to master the method that can transform your singing voice, fast!

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Hi, I’m Roger Love, celebrity voice coach and top-selling author. I’m working to make the world a better place, one singing voice at a time, starting with yours.

As a professional voice coach, people are often surprised when I tell them I work with famous rock bands. Maybe they’re shocked because I don’t look like a head-banger, but I think the real reason is that most people falsely assume two things: First, that celebrity singers don’t need voice coaches. Second, that voice lessons are for opera singers not rock singers.

I can personally dispel both myths and tell you that celebrity singers need voice coaches the same way celebrity tennis players need coaches. You’d never see Venus and Serena win a tournament, walk off court and fire their coach! It’s so far the opposite that they probably give their coaches a raise at that point. Voice coaching works the same way. As your voice improves, you’ll need different types of coaching, but you should never forfeit coaching all together.

As for rock stars not needing voice lessons, that’s like saying sprinters need to stretch but marathon runners don’t. Just because they’re running different events doesn’t mean they’re not using the same muscles or that they don’t need to be exercised and warmed-up! This metaphor transfers perfectly back to opera and rock singers—they’re using the same instrument to make music, they’re just playing it in different ways.

Let me tell you a story from my experience working with major rock bands.

This will help explain some of the unique challenges rock singers encounter and why they need different coaching. I’ve had the pleasure of working with top names in the industry and my main coaching focus is to help them keep their voices healthy and strong while delivering 110% performances every night.

These are pretty common goals for rockers because the passion and power in a great rock performance can be captivating for the audience but destructive to the rocker’s vocal cords. The genre’s emphasis on loud volume—and even straight screaming, sometimes—can take its toll on a voice, especially when you’re singing that way on a nightly basis.

By practicing with my daily warm-ups and avoiding my diet don’ts, my clients are able to rock their hearts out without wearing their voices out.

If you want a long singing career doing what you love, you have to treat your voice like a shot-put thrower treats his arm: strengthen, nourish, cherish, and protect it! In just 10-15 minutes a day, my exercises can get your rocker voice in shape and building strength so you can sing any song, any night of the week, for years on end.

If this sounds like you, a great voice can be your solution. Start your effective, fun and impactful voice coaching right now!