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4 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright

Are you self-conscious about speaking or singing in public? Does just the thought of getting up in front of others make you want to run and hide?

You’re not alone! In fact, fear of public speaking has been listed as the number one fear in America.
Here’s the great news: I’ve literally found a way to take that fear away.

Imagine how incredible it would feel to sing or speak in front of one person—or hundreds—with total confidence. People would hear the “new you” and know that you’re talented, smart, respected and filled with charisma.

Yes, you can beat stage fright and bring an audience—whether in a sold-out arena or a private boardroom meeting—to their feet for a standing ovation. Below are 4 of my favorite ways to Beat Stage Fright:

4. Reframe “fright” and “bad butterflies”

Before performances, our body can go through a “fight or flight” response that spikes our adrenaline. Instead of interpreting this pre-performance jolt as “fright,” why not see it as an indication that your body is giving you the boost you need to shine? Try reframing “stage fright” as something more positive like “the ready for anything mode” or “pre-performance adrenaline” the next time you’re getting ready to take the limelight.

3. Hydrate

Drink six-to-eight glasses of water the night before and day of a performance to reduce dry-mouth or voice fatigue. Also try cutting back on foods and drinks that dehydrate you such as alcohol and caffeine the night before and day of.

2. Color Breathing Exercise

Still feeling jittery? Try this breathing exercise: Inhale deeply while keeping your shoulders down and relaxed. As you exhale, imagine that the air you’re breathing out is colored red, the color of fear. Watch the red cloud of fear, tension and anxiety leaving your body as you keep inhaling and exhaling fully.

Do this for a minute or two and as you begin to relax, imagine the red breaths of fear gradually turning a peaceful blue. Continue until there’s no red left and you can see yourself surrounded by rich blue color.

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