National Scavenger Hunt Day Contest

Find Hidden Song Lyrics, Transform Your Speaking Skills, and Save $1,985

Are you ready to transform your fear of public speaking into an asset that propels your career forward? In celebration of National Scavenger Hunt Day, we are excited to bring you a uniquely rewarding challenge… A scavenger hunt within our blog.

Here’s How to Play:

  • Discover the Lyrics: Hidden in our blog posts are 5 sets of song lyrics across ten articles. Your task is to find any one or all of these hidden lyrics.
  • Identify the Artist: All the lyrics are by the same artist. Once you think you’ve identified the correct artist from the lyrical clues, you’re ready for the next step.
  • Submit Your Guess: Click the hidden song lyric (or click here) to select your guess for the artist from the provided list. This will be your official entry into the contest.
  • Receive Your Reward: If you’re correct, you will immediately receive a coupon code via email. This code grants you a $1,985 discount on our Mini-Course Bundle (details below), designed to dramatically enhance your public speaking skills.

Links to Participate:

“What is the Mini-Course Bundle?”

You’re on the brink of mastering key skills: Humor, storytelling, and confident speaking — Essential skills for anyone looking to boost their career, business, or personal growth. 

The Mini-Course Bundle also tackles issues like stage fright head-on, helping you command any room and lead with assurance. 

Through a series of well-structured programs, you’ll sharpen your ability to connect and communicate effectively. Whether in the office or at home, these skills are critical for making a strong, lasting impression in all aspects of your life.

Here’s what you get today when you name the artist who wrote the lyrics hidden on the Voiceplace blog:

  1. Find Your Funny (Value $497.00)
  2. Eliminate Stage Fright (Value $497.00)
  3. Voice of Storytelling (Value $497.00)
  4. Love & Relationships (Value $147.00)
  5. Money and the Workplac(Value $147.00) 
  6. Never Lose Your Voice Again (Value $497.00) 

Retail: $2,282


You get all this for only $2,282 $297 when you find the lyrics hidden on our blog, and tell us which artist the lyrics belong to. Click here to begin your song lyric search, and claim your coupon code now >>


“Can I look in the Box?”

Scroll down to see what’s inside the Mini-Course Bundle Now

Find Your Funny (Value $497.00)
Unlocks Your Hidden ‘Inner’ Comedian

Get ready to arm yourself with one of the most powerful tools you can use to influence others…

… Humor.

Even if phrases like “I don’t think I have much of a sense of humor” or “I don’t usually make people laugh” sound familiar, this program is tailor-made for you.

With Find Your Funny, you’ll learn that humor isn’t just about making others laugh—it’s a strategic tool that enhances your presence and effectiveness in both personal and professional settings. 

Effective humor can transform tense situations, making you a pivotal leader and communicator, admired and respected in your circles.

Through Find Your Funny, you’ll discover the four main types of humor and identify the style that suits your persona best. You’ll also learn practical techniques to seamlessly weave humor into your business presentations and casual conversations, progressively building confidence in your ability to engage and charm any audience.

Starting with small, manageable steps, in just 30 days, you’ll begin to notice a shift in how others respond to you. Over three months, expect to feel more relaxed and in control, even becoming the go-to person for adding a light touch when the moment needs it. 

If you’ve always admired those who could brighten the mood effortlessly and wish to become one, Find Your Funny will guide you there.

Don’t worry about trying to become a comedian—this program is about enhancing your inherent traits that elevate interactions and relationships, making you a memorable and impactful communicator.

Eliminate Stage Fright (Value $497.00)
Transforms Your Stage Fright into Stage Power

Say goodbye to Stage Fright and hello to Stage Power. 

The dread of public speaking can grip even the most seasoned professionals.

Listen… The fear of judgment or rejection shouldn’t dictate your success or limit your career progression.

The Eliminate Stage Fright program is designed precisely for ambitious professionals who know the value of clear, confident communication… Yet feel held back by anxiety and nerves. 

This program breaks down the nature of fear, teaches you to recognize the early warning signals, and redirects this energy into a confident, authoritative delivery.

In just 30 days, gain mastery over physical symptoms like an elevated pulse or shortness of breath during presentations. Understand the distinction between unnecessary worry and genuine stage fright, allowing you to focus and deliver your message with clarity.

Sounds challenging? With the right guidance, it’s entirely achievable.

Choose to conquer your fears and embrace the opportunities waiting on the other side. 

Let the Eliminate Stage Fright program be your stepping stone to speaking with authority, influencing decisions, and advancing in your career. Upon completion, have the tools and know-how to command the room and leave a lasting impression. 

Don’t let fear stand in the way of your potential—eliminate it and rise to the occasions that define your career trajectory.

Voice Of Storytelling (Value $497.00)
Makes Your Storytelling More Engaging

If transforming an audience with merely the power of your words is what you aim for, then mastering the art of storytelling is essential. The Voice of Storytelling program is not just about learning to narrate; it’s about making every word you speak resonate deeply with your listeners, engaging their emotions and holding their undivided attention.

Great leaders know that storytelling is not confined to writers or dramatists—it’s a crucial skill for anyone who aspires to influence, teach, or lead. You don’t need to be a natural raconteur; you just need to understand the structure and elements that make stories compelling.

Within the first 30 days of the program, you’ll start to see everyday interactions as opportunities to practice your storytelling. You’ll learn to frame even the smallest events of your day in a way that is engaging and impactful. This continuous practice will sharpen your ability to weave narratives that captivate any audience, from boardrooms to banquet halls.

As you progress, the course will equip you with techniques to inject classic storytelling elements—conflict, suspense, transformation—into your communications. Three months in, you’ll be able to change the entire mood of a room, making listeners lean in with anticipation as you speak.

Continuing with the program, you will refine your public speaking and interpersonal communications. This transformation not only makes you a compelling speaker but also enhances your personal connections, allowing you to leave a memorable impression wherever you go.

Let your stories breathe life into your messages, create emotional connections, and lead change. The Voice of Storytelling is your key to unlocking the profound power of engagement through narrative.

The Perfect Voice for
Love & Relationships ($147.00 value)
Makes Every Word Count In Love and Life


In both your personal and professional life, the way you communicate can transform your relationships. This isn’t just about choosing the right words; it’s about making those words truly resonate with those you care about. 

Think back to the last important conversation that didn’t go as planned. The Perfect Voice for Love & Relationships is here to change that.

This course is designed not just to improve how you speak, but how you connect. You will learn to harness your voice to convey confidence, warmth, and sincerity, ensuring your spoken words reflect your genuine intents. This isn’t about manipulating emotions but fostering genuine connections.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your relationship, express your feelings more clearly, or simply be better understood, this program provides you with the vocal and emotional tools to make every interaction count.

Using techniques that successful leaders use to captivate and influence audiences, this program will teach you how to apply similar strategies in a more personal context. From tone modulation to strategic pauses, you’ll learn how to use your voice to comfort, persuade, and energize, transforming mundane exchanges into meaningful dialogues.

Enhance your communications beyond mere clarity—make every word count where it matters most. Good relationships thrive on effective communication. Let’s ensure you’re heard, felt, and appreciated. 

Start today, and bring the best version of your communicative self to every relationship, enhancing every interaction with authenticity and care.

The Perfect Voice for
Money & The Workplace ($147.00 value)
Secure that Raise, Lead with Certainty,
and Negotiate with Finesse

Your voice is more than just sound; it’s your professional edge. Your voice isn’t just heard—it’s evaluated. 

The Perfect Voice for Money & The Workplace equips you with the vocal authority to amplify your presence, whether you’re spearheading a project, leading a team, or negotiating your worth.

This program focuses on refining your speaking skills to exude confidence and competence. You’ll learn to articulate your thoughts with clarity and persuasion, ensuring every word underscores your expertise and leadership. It’s about more than speaking clearly; it’s about commanding respect and fostering an image of reliability and assurance.

Discover how to use your voice to influence outcomes, motivate teams, and drive forward discussions. With practical techniques for vocal delivery that command attention, you’ll find yourself more capable of steering conversations and closing deals with confidence.

Become the voice that others listen to, the voice that denotes progress and inspires confidence. Whether it’s securing a raise, landing a vital client, or leading a crucial meeting, this program prepares you to handle key business situations with unmatched poise and decisiveness.

Embrace these tailored vocal strategies, and watch as doors open to new opportunities. You are not just participating in your career; you are actively shaping it with each word you speak. Invest in your voice—it’s your most powerful tool in the workplace.

Never Lose Your Voice Again (Value $497.00) 
Gives Your Voice Sustainable Endurance

Imagine confidently navigating back-to-back meetings, presentations, or a full day of teaching without the slightest hint of vocal strain. 

With Never Lose Your Voice Again, you can make this a reality. This program is designed to build the resilience of your voice, ensuring it remains strong and clear, no matter the demands of your professional schedule.

In today’s fast-paced professional environment, your voice is not just a tool—it’s an asset. Losing your voice can mean missing opportunities or failing to make crucial impacts when it matters most. 

This program delves into the anatomy of the vocal cords, understanding what causes weakness and hoarseness, and teaches you how to prevent it.

You’ll learn about the best practices for vocal health, including which foods and habits to embrace or avoid, effective breathing techniques to support vocal strength, and how to utilize your air supply efficiently to protect your voice.

Within just 30 days, you’ll notice a remarkable increase in the stamina of your voice, capable of withstanding long hours without fatigue. No more worrying about voice cracks during an important pitch or presentation. 

Equipped with the knowledge from this course, you’ll manage your vocal health like a professional, ensuring you always sound your best.

Moreover, beyond mere maintenance, this program empowers you with the confidence that your voice won’t falter when you need it most. Let Never Lose Your Voice Again be your guide to a robust, dependable voice that uplifts your professional presence and ensures you’re always ready to speak up and stand out.

You get all this for only $2,282 $297 when you find the lyrics hidden on our blog, and tell us which artist the lyrics belong to. Click here to begin your song lyric search, and claim your coupon code now >>

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