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You’ve cracked open the door to mastering the art of delivering impactful 5-minute speeches. And yet there’s another challenge that even seasoned speakers often miss—the risk of losing your voice.

FACT: Every year, millions of professionals worldwide grapple with vocal loss, missing out on valuable opportunities.

… and I’m going to show you how to avoid losing your voice for NO CHARGE.

If that resonates, keep reading.

You’re here now, you’re reading this page, you’ve requested access to my checklist, and you know the success of your presentations, speeches, keynotes, youtube videos start with your voice.

That’s why I’m thrilled to offer you exclusive access to my program, Never Lose Your Voice Again, valued at $97, absolutely FREE for a limited time.

Celebrity Voice Coach Reveals The Most Trusted
3-Part Formula for Vocal Stamina

If you want to speak day and night without getting tired or hoarse, you need to know the 3 parts of my FORMULA to Never Lose Your Voice Again:


Retrain the way you speak, so you get the most endurance and power from your vocal instrument.


Know what foods and drinks to avoid, and which to increase, for peak vocal performance.


Own a trusted Vocal Revival Routine, so you can rejuvenate your voice when fatigue strikes.

Here’s What You Get Today… For FREE.

“Never Lose Your Voice Again” online program, including my 3-Part Formula for Vocal Stamina.

Navigate my formula effortlessly with fun, step-by-step video modules. Perfect for beginners and suitable for anyone—even if your kids claim you're tone-deaf during birthday serenades.


5-Step Resilience System: Keep your voice strong through back-to-back speaking events, from workshops to media tours, with my proven 5-step system. It's essential for anyone with a demanding speaking schedule.

Pinpoint Vocal Weaknesses: Identify the core reasons behind your recurring voice loss, enabling you to address the issue at its root.

Sustainable Vocal Solutions: Discover long-lasting remedies that tackle vocal fatigue at its source, ensuring that your voice remains consistent and reliable.


Dietary Guidelines for Speakers: Follow our step-by-step strategies to know exactly what to consume and avoid before speaking engagements. Keep your voice in optimal condition for peak performance.

Myth-Busting for Vocal Health: Debunk the harmful 'common knowledge' that’s putting your voice at risk and undermining your ability to speak effortlessly around the clock."


Vocal Revival Routine: Need to refresh your voice in a pinch? Keep this go-to guide at your fingertips for quick vocal rejuvenation whenever you need it.

Celebrity-Approved Vocal Exercises: Discover the specific exercises that my high-profile speaking clients rely on to boost their vocal stamina. Make sure these invaluable drills are saved on your phone before your next gig.


Roger Love's Signature Daily Vocal Warmups: Elevate your vocal prowess with the same warmup exercises that celebrities like Anthony Robbins and Rachel Hollis swear by in their documentaries. With Roger's tried-and-true routines, you too can gently fortify your voice for lasting strength and resonance.

Fast Fixes for Vocal Revival: Diagnose the root of your vocal discomfort with our targeted questionnaire. If you identify with any of the symptoms, simply follow the corrective steps to swiftly set yourself on the path to vocal rejuvenation.

Fast Fixes for Vocal Revival:

 ◦ ‘Using Your Voice for Success’: An exclusive vault recording of Roger’s transformative live keynote.

 ◦ ‘Roger Love LIVE at World’s Greatest Speaker Training’: Gain backstage access to Roger’s teachings at this elite event.

 ◦ ‘Ray Edwards Interviews Roger Love’: Hear from the communications strategist himself as he delves deep into Roger’s vocal mastery secrets.

What’s The Catch?

You might be wondering, “This all sounds incredible… What’s the catch?”

Well, here it is:

Roger Love meets privately with a members-only club where he reveals the latest vocal and communication strategies to quickly apply, prosper, and get results.

The Members call themselves…

The Speakers Guild

Within the first 90 days of Speakers Guild, Members Report:



more confidence



improvement in presentation skills



improved network/sense of community



REDUCTION in stage fright and presentation anxiety



more satisfaction with their own voice


Their Improved Voice Has Contributed To 3 Wins* (on average) *Where a “win” represents a new client, promotion, job, opportunity, gig, and/or record set for listens/shares/sales, etc.

You get access to “Never Lose Your Voice Again” for $97 FREE when you join our esteemed Speakers Guild. But we think it’s a pretty sweet deal, and here’s why:

It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Are you the right fit for Speakers Guild?

Let’s find out…

You’ll LOVE being in Roger’s Speakers Guild, if…

Your Membership Perks Inside The Speakers Guild

Join America's #1 Voice Coach LIVE every month in a virtual group coaching workshop, where Roger will give you the latest vocal and communication strategies for what you need to know NOW, so you can quickly apply and prosper.

1. Ask Roger your questions

2. Enjoy the replay, any time you can’t join live


1. Instant Access! REPLAY ARCHIVE

—Unlock THREE (3) PREVIOUS MONTHS of Speakers Guild Training Replays, so you can experience the exclusive training when it’s convenient for you. ($582.00 Value) 


— Start your day with the same vocal routine my celebrity clients use to gently expand the range and power of your voice. ($147.00 Value) 


— Connect with like-minded, up-and-upcoming speakers in our exclusive Speakers Guild Community Portal. ($297.00 Value) 


— Flaunt the symbol of the Speakers Guild's highest honor, the Distinguished Member Pin, on your 1-year anniversary of membership ($1000.00 Value) 

5. Instant Access! GUILD GREATEST HITS

— Experience the Greatest moments and teaching take-aways of the most-Loved Speakers Guild Workshops. ($291.00 Value) 

6. Instant Access! My 3 part formula to Never Lose Your Voice Again ($97.00 Value) 


47 Minutes

Average Time Roger Dedicates to

Answering Your Questions

During Each Monthly Live Speakers Guild Workshop

You’re a Busy, On-the-Go Pro
Enjoy Speakers Guild from your Phone

• Workshops.

• Bonuses.

• Replays.

• Resources.

• And More.

…all in the palm of your hand

Can’t Join Us Live?

We’ve Got You Covered

Submit your questions in advance

Catch the replay at your convenience

Experience Relevant, Fresh Coaching Content – Every Month

Every month is a new deep dive training with ready-to-apply techniques, designed to get you a win, EVERY month.

Here’s just a taste of the topics Roger has covered in past Speakers Guild Workshops…

ULTIMATE ELEVATOR PITCH FORMULA: My Formula for exactly what to say, in what order—so you can get what you want faster when delivering the Ultimate Elevator Pitch.

INTERVIEW MASTERY COACHING: How to prepare, signal, and deliver like a Pro, whether you’re hosting or guesting.

PODCASTING AND RADIO: What No One Told You about Starting & Building A Successful Podcast, featuring Guest R.B. a go-to producer with a 20-year track record of making OTHER hosts successful.

WEBINAR DELIVERY SECRETS: Discover the most impactful techniques that’ll make you a more confident, engaging, and captivating webinar presenter…based on Roger’s personal experience of delivering 16 webinars, over 21 days, in front of 20,982 guests…100% LIVE.

PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS: My Top Vocal Techniques for using your voice to ignite, rekindle, and foster the most meaningful and important relationships in your life.

...And More!

What Can a Voice Coach Do for Speakers?

Love It or Leave It

Cancel Anytime, Guaranteed

Experience Speakers Guild for yourself. Get full access to the workshops, bonuses, and global community of fellow heart-centered, ambitious individuals. Cancel and re-enroll at any time.

Milestones, Status, and Wins Await You

In Addition To Monthly Live Group Coaching From Roger Love
Here’s an insightful timeline of what’s waiting for you inside The Speakers Guild

Roger Answers Your Questions

YES. You’ll get the replay after every live workshop.

Hear it from your future-fellow Speakers Guild Member, Kevin —

YES – if you’re not able to attend a live workshop, you can submit your questions in advance and listen to my answer in the replay.


Yes. You’ll Love Speakers Guild, or you can leave it, anytime. No questions asked.

Every month, you’ll join me and your fellow Speakers Guild family members for a live virtual workshop on a hot topic related to voice, influence, and communications.

We usually meet on Zoom, so we can interact and I can spotlight you for special attention.

Each live virtual workshop is about 90 minutes long. Join live to interact with me, or watch the replay afterwards, at your convenience. Even if you only apply 1 tip each month, the quality of my teaching can help you experience new wins and improvement.

Yes! In fact, I dedicate an average of 47 minutes to answer questions and give vocal transformations (Guild members who pass their 3rd month milestone are eligible to win a vocal transformation!).

YES, you’ll have advanced notice of the date and time for every workshop. I usually release the details for the next workshop about a month in advance, so you have ample time to plan ahead.

Also, to give you the best odds of joining live, we try to host the Speakers Guild workshop at a different time and on a different weekday, every month. That way, if you have a recurring appointment, you can still be an active participant of the Speakers Guild.

When you join today, you’ll have immediate access to see the upcoming workshop’s time, date, and login credentials.

YES–I always make things so applicable and easy-to-practice, that you could join without EVER knowing anything about your voice, and you’d still get a lot out of each workshop.

You’ll also meet diehard Speakers Guild members who are professional keynote speakers or broadcasters or Toastmaster Champions, and they love the Guild because it gives them that new, fresh advantage they can quickly apply to their work. And since the topic changes every month, there’s always something new to learn and try.

Join us, today, and see for yourself!

Hear it from your future-fellow Speakers Guild Member, Jane —


YES. Only a teeny, tiny fraction of the world is actually tone deaf. And in my 30+ years of teaching, almost every student who’s ever told me they’re “tone deaf” wasn’t at all.
You may THINK you’re “tone deaf,” but probably you’re just “tone un-trained” because no one has ever TAUGHT you WHAT to listen FOR.

That’s my job, as I coach you inside the Speakers Guild.

When you join now, you’ll be joining hundreds of non-singers who wondered if they, too, were “tone deaf” when joining…and now have experienced improvement and wins.

Of course—every month is a new deep dive training with ready-to-apply techniques, designed to get you a win, EVERY month.

Here’s just a taste of the topics I’ve shared in past Speakers Guild Workshops…

• ULTIMATE ELEVATOR PITCH FORMULA: my Formula for exactly what to say, in what order—so you can get what you want faster when delivering the Ultimate Elevator Pitch.

• INTERVIEW MASTERY COACHING: how to prepare, signal, and deliver like a Pro, whether you’re hosting or guesting.

• PERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS: My Top Vocal Techniques for using your voice to ignite, rekindle, and foster the most meaningful and important relationships in your life.

• And more!

Of course. Speakers Guild Members who pass their 3-month membership milestone are eligible to win a LIVE vocal transformation from me, during a Guild Virtual Workshop.

When you’re selected, I’ll listen to your voice and coach you in real time, as you watch your fellow Speakers Guild members applaud and celebrate how much you improve, right in front of everyone’s eyes (and ears!).

That’s a $2,000 experience, but you can’t even buy it. You can only WIN it, after your 3-month Guild milestone.

When you join today, you’ll be on track to getting YOUR chance to win.

Hurry to join!

Our next live virtual workshop is happening, soon.

Please email [email protected] for further assistance, if needed.

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